We offer a variety of services to our clients.


Our project experience spans many industries.


Our engineers are skilled & capable.

Our experienced team of engineering professionals are prepared to meet your company's needs.

Automation Engineering is a full service engineering company that specializes in industrial machine and control system design, conveyor system design, fabrication, and installation as well as project management and consulting. Our engineering staff is equipped with a variety of backgrounds & skills.


The experience of each engineer also includes special skills in machine design and troubleshooting, control system design and troubleshooting, programmable controls, motion control system, and operator interface systems. Our staff of draftsmen, local college interns, and panel builders have diversified skills in creating electrical prints, mechanical prints, panel layouts, and shop experience for panel and machine assembly.

Our Services Include:


Design • Build • Install

Featured Projects

Cabline Shuttle Upgrade

The purpose of this machine is to simultaneously index forward approximately 30 refrigerator cabinets (about 2 tons in 1.8 seconds). The machine was upgraded from a hydraulic motor and gearbox driving mechanical arms to a 2-axis servo motor system with a timing belt as a link between the old and new power transmission.

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